Centerline: It's 2016 Already?

Its been another hectic week in Washington. Even with the continuing crisis in Ukraine, and all the news on the upcoming mid-term elections, it was still hard to miss the rampant speculation about the 2016 Presidential Election. This week Charlie discusses Jeb Bush, a small but significant reform clears another hurdle, and we continue to spread across the nation!

Charlie's Take On Jeb Bush: Among all the speculation about the 2016 Presidential Election, Jeb Bush has featured prominently. Recently, the perennial Republican favorite came out with some very interesting comments on immigration. In his U.S. News and World Report article, Charlie discusses how with these comments, Jeb Bush can "singlehandedly elevate the discourse in the 2016 race."

Electoral College Reform is a Real Thing: On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation allowing New York to apply its 29 electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. The passage of this legislation makes New York the tenth state to sign on to the National Popular Vote compact. Though Electoral College Reform can seem like a farfetched goal, the passage of legislation in New York represents a significant step forward. Learn just how close we are here.


easelly_visual_(4).jpgThe Centrist Project is National!: In case you missed our Facebook post on Thursday, the Centrist Project now has a presence in 47 States, and we are pushing hard to hit all 50. If you haven't already, LIKE our Facebook page, and SHARE this post with your friends. Together we can turn the entire map purple!


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-- Andy

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