CenterLine: Why we're listening to Fleetwood Mac this morning

Oh, baby: Co-parenting with just ONE ex can be a pain. Now, the FDA is considering three-parent babies. Seriously. (h/t Nick Johnson)

Screen_Shot_2014-02-27_at_8.36.29_AM.pngSocially compassionate - mostly: Chained CPI would save $1 trillion off the federal budget debt, creating a more stable economic situation for the next generation. Yet Democrats aren't fans. Click here for the story. Click here to listen to Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." (h/t James Davis)

Fiscally conservatative - mostly: Matthew Feeney looks at small-government leaders who want a big-government defense budget.  

Trending on FB: Why are you committed to fighting for centrist values? Tell us why on The Centrist Project Facebook page - here are some of the latest comments:

"Because I believe that ideological obsessions have destroyed our political life and make us incapable of taking action needed for the long term." — Colin Leach

"The powers that be only want us to see black and white on every issue. Unfortunately for them, there is a middle ground." — Taylor Ivy

"Because we are the new majority and we deserve to be represented in Congress." —Bruce Skarin

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