Bring back the draft?

For all the Veterans Day observances, I'm left wondering if the rest of us have enough skin in the game.  In my most recent post for US News & World Report, I make the case that those of us who are not in the armed forces make foreign policy decisions but then face little of the risk associated with those choices.

"My concern is simply that we are less thoughtful about how we engage our military forces when most of us face zero risk as a consequence of the decisions we make. I also fear that we will not devote sufficient resources to the needs of our veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, again because these needs are not evenly distributed throughout the population."

I don't think we should be drafting workers out of office parks into combat positions. I would support any policy that spreads the sacrifice, even if it were just a tax surcharge during times of war to pay for our military expenses, support soldiers' families, and set aside resources to take care of veterans in the future.

Read the full piece here.

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