Breaking News: Centrist Project Voice Endorses Jill Bossi of South Carolina for U.S. Senate

July 9, 2014

The Centrist Project Voice Endorses Jill Bossi for U.S. Senate from South Carolina

Candidate Decries Partisanship and Focuses on Core Issues of Broad Importance to Americans

Washington, DC — The Centrist Project Voice, the nation’s first political action committee supporting candidates ready to set aside partisan politics and focus on the core issues of critical importance to all Americans, today announced that it has endorsed Jill Bossi of South Carolina in her campaign for the U.S. Senate. 

"The Centrist Project Voice is pleased to be able to support Jill Bossi in her bid to serve the people of South Carolina and the United States by focusing on the critical and mainstream issues that face our country," said Centrist Project Founder Charles Wheelan, a senior lecturer and policy fellow at the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College and the bestselling author of Naked Economics. "She has embraced the Centrist Principles, (fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, social tolerance, economic opportunity and a pragmatic approach to solving core policy challenges) as being the bedrock for how to approach public policy matters in order to break the partisan deadlock that grips Congress and move America forward." 

“Receiving this endorsement is an important acknowledgement of what my campaign stands for and what we are trying to do for the State of South Carolina and America”, said Jill Bossi, candidate for Senate from South Carolina.  “I believe that by ending gridlock and partisanship we can find a path forward that will repair the damage done to our country in the last decade.  I believe in pragmatic, principled leadership that focuses on finding solutions to our challenges, not blaming the “other party”.  And I believe, like The Centrist Project, that even a few independent voices in the Senate can change the tide of history and right our country again.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve my state and my country in the Senate and I welcome the support of The Centrist Project Voice.”

The Centrist Project Voice is designed to empower the neglected but growing political middle by channeling the support of centrist Americans from across the country to a handful of key U.S. Senate candidates.  With control of the Senate up for grabs in 2014, the election of but a few pragmatic moderates who band together as a coalition would have a disproportionate impact on the chamber as a whole.

If elected, Bossi would play a crucial role as a bridge builder in the Senate, making her a catalyst for addressing the central public policy challenges facing our country and particularly powerful as a representative of the people of South Carolina.

Bossi is running as the American Party candidate to fill the unexpired term of former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint.  She is an experienced corporate executive who was most recently Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer of the American Red Cross.  Bossi has also held senior management roles at companies such as Bank of America, Experian, and Verizon.  She will bring her business experience to bear by advancing pragmatic and fiscally-sound legislation to address central policy issues.

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The Centrist Project Voice is a separate segregated fund (SSF) of The Centrist Project. It is the first PAC to promote centrist candidates regardless of party affiliation.  The Centrist Project is a 501(c)4 membership organization focused breaking the gridlock in Washington by changing political incentives and helping elect responsible leaders. Its Centrist Principles include fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, social tolerance, economic opportunity and a pragmatic approach to solving policy challenges. More information about the Centrist Project Voice is available at More information about The Centrist Project is available at


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