BANGOR DAILY NEWS: Hayes for governor

By Judith Swazey, Bar Harbor

As a voter who is politically moderate and both appalled and saddened by the extremism and divisiveness in our political landscape, I have many reasons for urging people to support Terry Hayes, a Clean Elections and independent candidate for governor, in our November election.

Hayes, who was born and raised in Maine and worked multiple jobs to attend Bowdoin College in Brunswick, brings a wealth of experience to her candidacy. She was, for example, a member of school board in Buckfield for 13 years, a volunteer guardian ad litem for children for 28 years, and served in the Maine House of Representatives for eight years. After her terms in the Legislature, reflecting her reputation for bipartisanship, she has been elected twice to serve as the state’s first independent state treasurer. In addition to her commitment to nonpartisan work, Hayes is a staunch proponent of civility in government and the media, and serves as co-chair of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, a center based at the University of Arizona.

The people of Maine will benefit from a governor with her legislative and financial knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills and her strong commitments to civility, inclusiveness and personal responsibility.



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