AP: Washington Infighting Breeds New Independent US Candidates

By Nicholas Riccardi


"In a Denver co-working space between a brewpub and a shop serving the Hawaiian raw fish salad called poke, independent candidates and possible contenders for U.S. Senate and governorships recently plotted how to pry loose Republicans' and Democrats' grip on U.S. politics.

Terry Hayes, Maine's treasurer and a gubernatorial candidate, left the Democratic Party over its domination by teachers' unions. Craig O'Dear, a Kansas City lawyer exploring a challenge to Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, was active in the GOP but became disillusioned with both parties. Bob Krist decided to run for Nebraska governor as an independent because Republican activists and the GOP incumbent injected partisanship into the state's nonpartisan Legislature.

Following this week's government shutdown and the 2016 election, in which both parties nominated historically unpopular candidates, there's new energy in the movement to reclaim the political center."

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