Anne Gass, ME HD-67

Anne Gass is running for Maine House District 67, where she has lived for over 30 years and worked as active community volunteer, small business owner and on town committees. She is running as a "Clean Elections" candidate and not accepting any outside financial support.


Anne and her husband are 30-year residents of Gray, Maine, where they raised their two children. From the start Gass has been an active volunteer, helping in her kids’ classrooms, serving on various town committees and on the school board, and leading efforts to promote bike and pedestrian safety and recreation. Since 1993 she has operated a successful consulting business, ABG Consulting LLC, in which she works with nonprofits and local and state agencies to develop programs that help people in need build stable, productive lives.

Gass is also the author of a book about her great-grandmother, who was a suffrage leader in Maine a century ago. The book is called “Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage.”

Before starting her own business, Anne served as the Executive Director of the Cumberland County Affordable Housing Venture, where she started a Building Material Exchange, which helps low-income households with attaining affordable building materials. Anne then served as a special projects coordinator for the Homeownership Division of the Maine State Housing Authority and helped create a secondary market for home improvement loans made by nonprofit organizations. The program has helped thousands of low-income homeowners around Maine get affordable loans to improve or expand their homes