America's Emerging Radical Center

Gerald Seib, longtime political observer for the Wall Street Journalhas written a column documenting what appears to be an emerging trend in American politics:  the political middle is waking up.  Here is the column.

And here are the two lines that I particularly liked: "As he surveyed the results of last week's off-year election, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has analyzed more than a few of them, offered two thoughts: It's a really good time to be seen as a pragmatic problem-solver, and a really bad time to be associated with dysfunctional Washington."

And this:  "That challenge could take the form of a third party or independent political force; more likely, it could take the form of an insurgent figure from within the major political parties who can galvanize what increasingly appears to be a radicalized center in the country."

How would you like to be part of that challenge to the broken political status quo?

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