Alyse Galvin - U.S. Congress

Alyse Galvin is running for U.S. Congress. Alyse is a native of Alaska and wishes to drive change in her state through extensive public education reform.

Alyse Galvin is an active and valued member of her Alaskan community, having held the roles of teacher and small business owner among many others. She has identified numerous issues that extended beyond her community and plague Alaska at-large, including a dysfunctional healthcare system, a lagging economy, as well as an opioid epidemic. Alyse champions the value of public education; she, along with other disgruntled parents, resisted educational budget cuts under the Great Alaska Schools grassroots organization. Great Alaska School is now thousands strong and has redirected the efforts of legislators towards increased educational funding. 

Alyse knows her forward-thinking leadership style and bipartisan approach will allow her to craft change-making legislation. Her intent in running for Congress is simple; she will "bring Alaska's needs and Alaska's values to Washington". 

Alyse holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California San Diego. She currently lives in Alaska with her husband Pat and their four children.