Alexander Castagno, UT SD-9

Alexander Castagno has advocated for the people as the president of Civolicy, contributes to the sub-committee of the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition, and has worked in the Governor’s Office.


Alexander Castagno grew up in Sandy, UT and comes from an immigrant family that migrated from Brazil. Castagno is running for State Senate partly because of his experience living in Brazil as a missionary for his church. After seeing citizens suffering due to self-interested bureaucrats in the Brazil government, Alexander vowed to take action to ensure that members of his own community would not witness these circumstances.

Alexander is the president of Civolicy, a local political advocacy group, the leader of the LGBTQ sub-committee of the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition, has served in the Governor’s Office and for a member of U.S. Congress. These experiences have provided him with experience and knowledge about how to pursue advocacy efforts that can help all Utah citizens.  

Alexander received a B.A in Political Science from the University of Utah and an M.A. in Political Management from George Washington University.