Adam C

Tell Us About Yourself.

I am just over 3/4 blood Native American. I currently reside in Concord, MI, a small, blue collared farm town in the southern part of the mitten. I am a musician as well as an entrepreneur.

What Does Being A "Centrist" Mean To You, And Why Did You Get Involved?

When I read what a "Centrist" was, I immediately pictured a top spinner. As it spins, it must have a strong center to rotate around. Too much weight on the outside sends it into a wobble, gradually into a death spiral, until energy is lost. I am getting involved because I want to be at the forefront of bringing basic reason, logic, & understanding back to politics, and the world.

What Is A Policy Issue You Are Passionate About And Why?

The full legalization and regulation of marijuana. I grew up with a mother who has had MS for almost my entire 25 year old life, nothing helped her quite as much as medical marijuana. Evidence is plentiful of the benefits of marijuana for those  who are sick or have a disorder. Not to mention the revenue to be made there, it's been dumb to let this as well as the "War on Drugs" go on for so long.

How Do You Think We Can Unite Our Country And Fix Politics?

We have to all find a way to step back, and take a deep breath. The anger at the current administration, past vs. present, and actions from both sides of the aisle have sent us into a blind Civil War. Instead of North vs. South, it has become Left vs. Right. We must come to realize there is only one way we can overcome this divide, by meeting in the middle. This is the reflection of being a true Centrist, by approaching each problem with logic and understanding every possible angle.

Anything Else You'd Like To Add?

I read a lot about Centrists being nearly extinct. Which I wouldn't disagree with. A small group of us are clinging to the very last remaining bit of basic reasoning and rationale we have left in society. I believe this movement can thrive and flourish. Being a Centrist is more than the words on this screen, it's about the actions and the thousands of words spoken passionately to those wanting to listen.


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