Call for Applications: Accelerator Awards Offers $50k in Seed Funding

Unite America and RepresentUs, in collaboration with the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers, are proud to present the first-ever Accelerator Awards. 

Between now and November 1st, the Accelerator Awards are accepting applications from early stage political reform campaigns for $50k in available seed funding in addition to strategic support.

Awards will be presented at the second annual summit of the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers in Denver, CO on December 5-6, 2019. 

Individuals or organizations can apply via this link. 

The mission of the Accelerator Awards is to catalyze impactful and viable reform campaigns that increase participation, competition, and accountability in our political system. 

This year’s Accelerator Awards will prioritize local and state campaigns that advance key structural political reforms, including: Ranked Choice Voting, Redistricting Reform, Open / Nonpartisan Primaries, and Vote by Mail. 

Organizations or projects working to build shared infrastructure for the democracy reform movement are also encouraged to apply. 

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Powerful: scale of impact and ultimate influence on political incentives 
  • Achievable: strength of team/plan and likelihood of success 

Selected campaigns will receive seed funding (up to $25k) from Unite America’s Unite America Fund, and strategic guidance and in-kind campaign expertise from RepresentUs’ Campaign Accelerator. Campaigns will also have the opportunity to present during a plenary session of the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers summit in December. 

About the Unite America Fund
The Unite America Fund is a philanthropic venture fund and non-partisan donor community that aims to accelerate and scale the democracy reform movement. We invest in campaigns to elect candidates and enact reforms so that the right leaders have the right incentives to solve our country's greatest problems.

About the Campaign Accelerator
The Campaign Accelerator is a RepresentUs program supercharging the nonpartisan American democracy movement by providing multi-state, multi-issue services to selected campaigns at the intersection of policy impact and political viability.

About the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers
The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR) is a member-led Association dedicated to structural election reforms in the public interest. We provide support to our member organizations through shared resources, best practices, and regular convenings. 

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