When I wrote the Centrist Manifesto in 2013, it was hard to believe politics could get worse. Boy, was I wrong. 

The presidential election is the most dysfunctional we've had in our lifetimes. It should not be a surprise that the majority of voters are fed up by partisan extremists and a system that has pulled the parties so far left and right they agree on nothing. Our nation’s vast challenges are left unsolved. That’s not right. You know that – that’s why you have found us.

We, the sane, pragmatic majority in America must wrestle the steering wheel of the country away from the extremists. We need leaders not beholden to the broken parties who, like you, believe fiscal responsibility, economic opportunity, social tolerance and environmental stewardship should come first.


I’m thrilled to announce that today we launch our new and improved website to help us breakthrough politics. We added more resources for you to learn about the elections, issues, and candidates without partisan spin. You can register to vote, find your polling place, and volunteer with us or our candidates. However you choose, we invite you to get involved. 

TAKE A STAND: The most important thing you can do today: tell 5 or more friends about The Centrist plan. Click here to instantly share with your network. Encourage them to join this rapidly growing national force of pragmatic citizens working to solve real problems for real change. 

Interested to do more? We invite you to TAKE ACTION. Take our survey to share your stance on the issues; sign the petition to tell our elected officials to support common sense legislation and solve problems; help elect Independent leaders; donate now or chip in $5 per month. We’ve made it easy.

But breaking up the status quo isn't easy. It takes the courageous few to take a stand for a united nation that puts country ahead of party and special interests. Nearly 200 years ago, Lincoln eschewed old political alliances to rebuild this country. That was the genesis of the Republican party, the youngest of our two parties. When Americans see big problems, we innovate. We fix them. It's time to use our innovative spirit to breakthrough politics.

Together, let's fix the equation and move America Forward.

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