Michael A

Tell Us About Yourself.

My name is Michael Adrian and I was born and raised in Stillwater, Minnesota, just East of the Twin Cities. I have been passionate about politics and social good as long as I can remember. I began my working life with Tesla Motors, dedicating myself to only work with organizations that had a mission beyond profitability and related to the social good that I believed in. Today, I work for Clear Impact as the Implementation Success and Business Development Manager. 

What does being a "Centrist" mean to you, and why did you get involved?

Being a Centrist means that all of your efforts are tied to the people you represent instead of political parties, donors and funders, lobbyists and other influencers in politics. You understand that your mission is be accountable to your jurisdiction - its people, its environment, its conditions - and your efforts are driven by the conditions of well-being you would like to see in that community. 

What is a policy issue you are passionate about and why?

I am highly interested in issues relating to environment, education, health and liberty. I think we have a tremendous opportunity in the United States to help all people thrive by using education to drive environmental and health progress, all the while providing our citizens with the opportunity to experience life as they wish to make it for themselves.

How do you think we can unite our country and fix our politics?

Like I said, I think Education is key. We only progress as a society so long as we continue to learn more. I don't think politicians and policy makers today look long-term enough. And because of that, people are losing out on opportunities to better themselves by learning more. 

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