9News Feature: Colorado Centrist Project

Centrist Project Executive Director Nick Troiano and Senior Strategist Joel Searby were featured on 9NEWS Denver’s weekly “Balance of Power” segment on Sunday morning. 

The pair highlighted our plans to recruit and support unaffiliated candidates for office in Colorado. Check out the interview here.

In response to the appearance, the Colorado political establishment predictably defended the status quo and rejected the idea that the legislature could use independent voices.  One political leader told 9News that the Centrist Project was a “solution in search of a problem” – effectively arguing that the state legislature is working great as-is while pointing to the patchwork of last minute half-fixes and punts on big issues that Democrats and Republicans delivered in the 2017 session. 

After all, if the Colorado legislature is working so well, why did it have to shut down the state energy office over a budget impasse? And why did it fail to find an effective long-term solution to the state’s transportation funding crisis, leading Gov. Hickenlooper to colorado-capitol-dome-270x381.jpgconsider a special legislative session?   

If the two major parties are working so well together, why is Colorado ranked 40th in the country in education spending?  And why does the state have billions in unfunded pensions and healthcare benefits?

We could go on.  The point is clear: the two major parties are failing to work together to deliver common sense, long-term solutions to Colorado’s big challenges.

The Centrist Project is not anti-Democrat or anti-Republican; we welcome supporters from all political persuasions who simply want government to work better.  We are FOR greater choice and competition in politics to break the two-party gridlock.  We are FOR the 1.3 million unaffiliated voters in Colorado having a voice and elected representation in their statehouse.   

Electing a handful of independent candidates will not solve all of Colorado’s problems overnight.  But it is a step in the right direction toward a more functional legislature that delivers common ground, common sense solutions instead of ideological partisanship.

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