Unite America Announces Support of 6 More Candidates

Today, Unite America announced three more endorsements of independent candidates running for office across the country: Steve Poizner, California Insurance Commissioner; Kathy Knecht, Arizona State Senate; Christopher Dimond, Alaska State House.

In total, the organization has endorsed 27 independent candidates running for state legislative or statewide offices across the country.

The organization also designated three more candidates as On Our Radar: Shawn Butler, Alaska State House; Stephanie Miner, Governor of New York (Serve America Movement); Alexander Castagno, Utah State Senate (United Utah Party).

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Steve Poizner, who is running for California Insurance Commissioner, won his top-two election in June and faces a heads up race in November. If elected, he’ll be the first ever independent elected to statewide office in California.

Kathy Knecht is running for state senate in Arizona’s 21st legislative district. An independent for the last 22 years, Kathy has served her community on the Peoria school board, as the President of Arizona School Board Association and as the Executive Director of Leadership West. She’ll see a two-way race in November.

Christopher Dimond is running for state house district 33 in Alaska. A former carpenter and seasoned labor organizer, Christopher is drawing broad support in his Juneau district. He will see a heads up race in November and has out-fundraised his opponent to date.

On the Radar:


Stephanie Miner is running for Governor of New York with the support of the Serve America Movement. She served two terms as the Mayor of Syracuse after a career as a labor attorney.

Alexander Castagno is a member of the United Utah Party and is running for state senate district 9 in Utah. An advocate for millennials who has served the Governor, Alexander hopes to inject an independent voice in his two-way race.

Shawn Butler is running for Alaska state house district 29. Shawn Butler is a retired Lt. Colonel Army officer and has her Ph.D. in Computer Science; she currently teaches at the University of Alaska.

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