Unite America 2018 Recap

In 2018, we saw the rise of a new movement in our politics that brought together an intellectual foundation, electoral infrastructure, national awareness, and a community of candidates, activists, and donors. This movement manifested on Election Day, when independent candidates earned over 8 million votes nationwide.

In taking on narrow interests that have spent decades entrenching themselves within both parties, we must take the long view and see our progress this cycle not just in the number of races we won in a single election, but in the new relationships we forged for the years ahead.

Some results, by the numbers:

  • 30 endorsed candidates & 72 more more signed our Declaration of Independents

  • 450 Unite leaders & 43 Unite chapters

  • $3.5 Million raised from 2,708 donors

  • 1.7M reached and engaged online

  • 450 media hits reaching millions of Americans

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While we learn lessons from 2018 and recalibrate our strategy, we enter the next cycle as committed as ever to our mission of improving governance –– acknowledging what we have from day one: the system isn’t going to fix itself, and if it was to easy do, it would have already have been done.


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