2014 Political Resolutions for Obama, the Republicans, the 2016 Candidates, and You

My most recent post at US News & World report lays out political resolutions for various actors in 2014. Here is a sample:

For President Obama:  Lead Us.

Take the nation to a place that it would otherwise not go, or at least try. Otherwise, what's the point? Start with the State of the Union Address by articulating the need for entitlement reform.

For the Republicans: Be a More Effective and Intellectually Honest Opposition Party.

Stop trying to make the Democrats look bad, and start trying to accomplish things that make you look good. Isn't the political martyr routine getting old? Let's make 2014 a year for getting things done that are feasible and consistent with the conservative agenda: corporate tax reform, a responsible long-term budget deal, education reforms that promote competition, pro-business immigration reform.

For the Aspiring 2016 Presidential Candidates: Do Not Say Anything Now That Will Make It Harder for You to Govern Later.

Yes, we all know that campaigns are about vague promises and maddening generalities. And yes, we know that voters don't like to hear bad news. Still, the point of this whole campaign endeavor is not to become president. That is a means to an end. The point is to do good things as president. So don't close that door before you even move into the White House.

For the American Voters: Do Something to Improve the American Political Situation.

What did you do in 2013 to improve America's governance? How about doing more than that in 2014?

Read the full column here.

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